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The new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is shaking the world to its core. This pandemic is spreading throughout the world at an epic pace, leaving the experts racing against time in finding a cure. Because the new coronavirus disease is silently (but aggressively) creeping into our communities and into our homes, vigilance against its spread is a must.

While our epidemiologists are in the process of trial and testing potential vaccines and cures for the dreaded disease, the public is advised to take simple yet effective precautions (like social distancing, self-isolation and frequent handwashing) to heart in order to taper the spread of the disease.

However, even with these measures, communities may still be vulnerable against coronavirus without infectious disease and biohazard remediation. Although COVID-19 isn’t airborne, this coronavirus may thrive in the environment for an extended period of time.

Studies suggest that the COVID-19 coronavirus droplets may remain suspended in the air for up to 3 hours before they fall. Also, the virus can survive up to 3 days on stainless steel and plastic surfaces. However, it is still unknown how conditions such as sunlight, airflow, humidity and other factors can affect the virus’ lifespan in the environment. At the moment, how long the virus can survive in your workplace and in your community is still unknown.

With the new coronavirus, you can never be too sure. Being prudent through biohazard and infectious disease remediation services gives you the extra layer of protection against COVID-19 that you need amidst the global pandemic.

Not Your Regular Janitorial Service

Although many confuse “regular” cleaning services and biohazard remediation, these two are vastly different. 

A biohazard cleanup service is very far removed from your usual janitorial service. Companies offering biohazard remediation are certified, licensed and insured to carry out disinfection and thorough cleanup services in high-risk environments. These are places with possible communicable disease contamination, and also places where traumatic events (such as injury, accident or death) have occurred. 

Scenarios where biohazard remediation applies:

  • Crime scenes
  • Hoarding scenes
  • Blood and bodily fluids remediation
  • Human or animal waste remediation
  • Sewage sanitation
  • Odor control
  • Places where there is potential contagion contamination or outbreak (viral, bacterial)

Cleanup and disinfection for the aforementioned situations require specialized equipment and skill only a disease cleanup service can only provide. Cleaning technicians that carry out biohazard remediation need extra protection against the elements given the high-risk nature of these environments.


*We also do Mold Remediation.


Coronavirus & Your Community Risk

Known for its stealth, COVID-19 can circulate in homes and communities for up to two weeks before symptoms appear. And when symptoms appear, it means that the virus has already spread within your family or your community.

Since any innocent-looking surface is a potential habitat for coronavirus, professional biohazard remediation services are essential in eliminating the threat of a potential outbreak in your environment.

It’s good to be circumspect about the spread of coronavirus into our homes or our community. Frequent handwashing and regular disinfection of potential virus hotspots may help flatten the disease curve. However, if you take it upon yourself to disinfect your home or office without the equipment or system for cleanup and disposal, you run the risk of acquiring and spreading the very disease you’re trying to avoid.

As part of the worldwide fight against the novel coronavirus, we are here to help families, companies and communities minimize the threat of coronavirus through our disease clean up and biohazard remediation service.

It may be difficult to wage war against an unseen enemy, but our sustainable, tried and tested safety-centered system allows us to successfully perform professional COVID-19 disinfection and disease cleanup in any area.

Our Commitment: Your Peace of Mind

Our years in the field of biohazard remediation grant us the experience in managing potential disease outbreaks through our professional disinfection and cleanup service.

However, nothing is “by the book” when it comes to coronavirus disease cleanup, so we regularly consult guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and newly published research from various institutions for the best and COVID-19 appropriate biohazard remediation practices and solutions.

How We Do Coronavirus Disease Cleanup

We follow a strict protocol that has been put together by Environmental Hygienists. This protocol is always being tweaked to meet or exceed protocol standards. These are some of the areas that are constantly being monitored:

Updated disease cleanup practices. We update our COVID-19 disease cleanup and bioremediation service using the guidelines set by the CDC and the WHO. In addition, we regularly check new, peer-reviewed research and integrate the know-how to our existing practice.

Industry-grade disinfectants. We use industrial-strength cleaning and disinfecting solutions effective on a broad spectrum of disease-causing pathogens. However, we make sure that our disinfectants are not only certified by the CDC, but are also environment-friendly (EPA-registered).

Protective gear compliance. Apart from protecting communities and workplaces from the threat of disease, we also ensure the best protection for our team as they carry out our professional services. Our certified cleanup technicians are equipped with fully encapsulating PPEs or personal protective equipment (including full-face air-purifying respirators and chemical-resistant clothing) to prevent further disease spread and contamination.

Reliable, safety-centered system. We implement a strict COVID-19 demobilization process from start to finish, whether it’s for disinfecting affected areas, disinfecting our own equipment or transporting and disposing of hazardous/highly-contagious waste materials.

When to Hire A Professional Cleaning Service

While DIY cleaning may save you a few dollars, it’s not worth the risk to take on a biohazard cleanup by yourself. Professional cleaning contractors adhere to strict guidelines and regulations to ensure proper biohazard cleanup without risk for contamination.

You should hire a professional disease/biohazard remediation service:

  • When a typical in-house wipe-down of surfaces is not enough, a professional cleaning contractor can provide significantly enhanced cleaning involving the use of hospital-grade disinfecting fog product that requires professional equipment to apply.
  • When environmental decontamination with the proper gear and equipment is required. In addition to implementing a strict sanitation and waste disposal procedure, only professionals have the right gear and equipment for the job.
  • If there’s a reported Coronavirus (or infectious disease) case in an area, building, office or facility that must stay operational.
  • If there’s any doubt regarding potential residual virus contamination in an area. Places where persons under investigation (PUIs) and Coronavirus patients have been to or stayed for a time period.

We’re in This Fight Together

As numbers of the novel coronavirus infected population rise, we can only wait, self-isolate and see. Although scientists are working round the clock to produce vaccines and the cure for the people, right now, the best thing we can do is to strengthen our defenses against the virus.

We must be vigilant and protect our loved ones, families, employees and communities (especially the vulnerable population) against coronavirus. Carefully follow the sanctioned quarantine procedures, strengthen your immune system and wash your hands.

But more importantly, ask the experts for their professional help to mitigate the risk of coronavirus outbreak in your community. Call us now to see how we can help you fight the threat of COVID-19 in your community.


While we adhere to the highest standard of disease and biohazard cleanup since our inception, we cannot guarantee the absolute eradication of the novel coronavirus, also because the test for determining the presence of COVID-19 in any given this has yet to be produced.

However, we assure you that our sustainable, stringent safety standards have proven effective in eliminating threats of contamination or outbreak (through biohazard remediation) in the past. Our process works and our service can help you protect your family, your workplace or your community.


Team Omega Environmental Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Services:

To maximize the value of the “deep clean” and document no detectable elevated post-clean bio-load (bacteria, etc.), Omega is proposing to provide a team comprised of Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs), field IHs, and/or Environmental Professionals to independently manage the disinfection process top-to-bottom. Our field staff would also perform the final post-cleaning evaluation procedure to document cleaning and disinfection due-diligence. If outlier results are obtained in terms of bio-load, we will recommend that you re-call your cleaning company to repeat the cleaning procedure in a more thorough manner using a different disinfectant.

While viruses can survive outside a host or host by-product on building surfaces, their ability to replicate is compromised which shortens the virus’s lifespan. As is the case with other molds/bacteria/virus species, humidity and standing moisture impact micro-organism replication.  It has been shown that no bacteria or virus can survive on a cleaned dry surface with a humidity level of less than 10%. Therefore, some mold/bacteria field variables such as checking for standing water using a moisture meter also apply to virus detection and management.

Omega Coronavirus pre/post cleaning screening details

  1. Review of cleaning team’s disinfectant cleaning product, concentration level, and required contact time for viral kill efficacy.
  2. Documentation of the proposed disinfection process in a “Coronavirus Disinfection Work Plan”.
  3. Provide field IH to perform a visual inspection to check for uncleaned contact, irregular, and/or other surfaces (e.g. HVAC vents, furniture and wall crevices, etc.)
  4. Review of indoor air quality (IAQ) in the building since HVAC stagnant zones with no-low air exchange can contribute to person-to-person viral transmittance.
  5. If all surfaces are visually clean and dry, possible use of ATP bio-load test meter and reagents to screen for invisible bio-load surrogate bacteria (estimated 10-20 samples per building/level depending up square footage). If an ATP test reads elevated, there is little to no chance that the surface was disinfected for bacteria or viruses.

PCR coronavirus PCR test method currently under development

In conjunction with our partner microbiology laboratory, a PCR method specific to Coronavirus is under development. PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is a low detection method that has been utilized for many years to test live and dead mold/bacteria/other virus DNA strands. While we recommend the use of the screening methods explained above first, this newly developed test method could be a useful tool for outbreak scenarios and other sensitive environments.

Management of Other Secondary Concerns

As an Environmental Company, we are also qualified to handle other secondary concerns that may arise during/after disinfection, such as:

  • Potential chemical exposure issues associated with the use of commercial-grade chemical disinfectant products
  • Review of repeat cleaning requirements
  • For health care isolation rooms, verify negative pressure differential(s)


Omega guarantees that best available disinfection and verification practices will be implemented at the time of the disinfection procedure. However, we cannot be held responsible for variable field condition issues such as an infected person entering the space post-treatment. If the potential fo this scenario exists, multiple disinfection treatments are recommended.

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