Paladin Construction offers professional maintenance services for condominiums and multi-family properties.

When disaster strikes, there’s nothing that we can do but to pick up the pieces. Natural disasters leave millions, if not billions of dollars in damages in their wake, not to mention hundreds to thousands of lives lost. 

While our company is committed to building quality resilient, and disaster-proof commercial and residential structures for our clients, buildings and homes are no match for mother nature. These disasters can take a toll on properties and can ravage even the most prepared communities. 

We are too familiar with the magnitude of loss and destruction caused by natural calamities to families and businesses, both large and small. That’s why we’ve also dedicated our service and our amazing fast-response teams to carrying out extreme rush repair jobs for damage and disaster recovery. 

With disaster recovery, our mission is to restore services to residents of any affected area and restore a community’s capacity to operate and thrive in their new normal. We help restore communities back to life, provide hope and support recoveries of communities in crisis. 


Restoring Hope: Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was known as the ‘deadliest and most destructive’ and the ‘strongest’ hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. It has caused almost $70 billion in damages, making it the second-costliest hurricane in the history of the US. 

Sandy inflicted severe damages to 24 states, including our neighbors here in New Jersey. During that time, we were able to assist businesses, families and communities rebuild their lives after being ravaged by the calamity. 


When Disaster Strikes, You Can Count on Us

We have a large, amazing team of local building professionals and craftsmen in New Jersey that will help you rebuild your homes, communities and your dreams as you pick up the pieces. Our team will help you rebuild a safe place for your family, your business and your community and help support you in your path to recovery—and in a timely manner.

Paladin Construction Services Corp is dedicated to helping you even in the time of disaster. If you need our help with disaster recovery, give us a call so we can discuss how we can help you with your emergency needs.


If you need repair services for the hurricane damage, count on Paladin Construction Services Corp!

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